The truffls study on the perception of diversity in German companies

We wanted to find out more about the status of diversity in the German job market. Therefore, we spoke to 1,000 employees. You can find the results in this whitepaper.

Why diversity (management) is so important

Diversity in the recruitment process

Diversity is becoming more and more important to applicants – and especially young people are putting it on the agenda of companies. Diversity is a distinct differentiator for them and serves as a compass when it comes to making job choice – and even more importantly: non-existing diversity is often a criterion for exclusion.

Practiced diversity in companies

The buzzword "diversity" is on everyone's lips. According to our respondents, it actually plays an important role in very few companies, though. However, setting an example and establishing diversity in the corporate values is very important in communicating with applicants and in retaining employees. Why is it still so often overlooked?

Diversity as a guarantee for success

Diversity isn't just an image issue. It's inevitable for companies that want to be successful in the long run. A large proportion of the respondents in our study have experienced better collaboration, more creativity, more innovative results and more success in diverse teams. Diversity is a cornerstone for long-term corporate success.

Do you have questions about diversity management or truffls in general? We are looking forward to speaking to you!

#mussegalsein - truffls for more real diversity

Last year, we already drew attention to the topic of diversity – and many companies and media joined in: (Unconscious) bias must not influence our actions. In order to enable everyone to live in a (working) world where they can pursue their talents, free of discrimination, we established the hashtag #mussegalsein.