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In our notion of a better world, everyone has the job they love. Every job is filled with the perfect talent. Everyone feels valued and can help create something big, no matter where in the world.


To succeed, you need to cooperate. That’s why we emphasize productive teamwork. Every suggestion gets heard, every idea is worth being considered. Not only do we follow a strict open door policy, but we also try to be as responsive as possible regarding everyone’s needs.


Our office is located in between Wedding and Mitte. Light, spacious rooms and flexible workspaces allow for both creative group discussions as well as focussed single working. You can find various culinary options in the neighbourhood, but we also like to cook together in our well-equipped kitchen and enjoy the meals in our office living room.


Free coffee, softdrinks and fresh fruits are part of truffls, as well as our living room in our office and flexible work hours.


In our imagination of a better world, everybody has a job they love. Everybody feels appreciated and can work on something meaningful with their respective talent.

Job openings

Would you like to support us? Then just introduce yourself quickly and tell us what you'd like to do at truffls. Alternatively, apply for one of the following with a short application: