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Create your job ad manually - or simply deposit an existing link if it has been posted elsewhere already: our system automatically understands all the information. The best matching candidates will see your job ad in the app shortly after.

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Our matching technology selects the right candidates to show your job ad to in the app. Our users largely are employed, but passively looking for opportunities - and thus don't use old-fashioned job boards, but innovative and fast solutions like truffls.

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You'll find all applicants to your job ad in your personalized dashboard, where you can easily communicate and exchange all relevant documents. This is how truffls turns applicants into your new co-workers in no time.

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Marcel Rütten
Kindernothilfe e.V.
“There´s no other vendor out there providing a mobile solution as great as truffls. They do not only provide the platform, but also guarantee a matching with the best-fitting candidates due to their technology.“
Sarah Hoffmann
Head of Human Resources
Hitfox Group / FinLeap
“If you want just the best candidates, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest recruiting channels. Truffls is a must-have tool for us when it comes to recruiting on mobile.“
Eva Brüser
Marketing Manager
uberMetrics Technologies GmbH
“We get tons of interested candidates from using truffls that we wouldn´t have found using the regular channels – and it´s extremely easy to use!“

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